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Schools & Educators

For just £40 a month - which is only £10 per week - you can access our pre-recorded, interactive music resource!

You will also access our Songs, Signs & Sounds Framework - this is based on the Sounds of Intent framework and allows you to map the progression of your pupils' music-making, focus on specific areas of learning and tailor learning objectives and opportunities for each class or pupil.

Our sessions are designed for non-music specialists so that you can gain confidence in facilitating music-making - we want them to be as much fun for educators as they are for pupils!

Our education pack includes:​

  • Songs, Signs & Sounds Framework & Levels

  • General Learning Outcomes

  • Session-specific Learning Outcomes (weekly)

  • A weekly music session video

  • Access to entire back catalogue of sessions

  • ‘What to look for in a music session’ document

We deliver a session every week all year round - giving you a resource for term time, after school and holiday clubs.

Want to try a session? Explore 'You Can't Hurry Love' by The Supremes for free!

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If you want to access this resource then just subscribe to our Ko-fi for £40 a month - that's £10 a week!

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