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Parents, Carers & Educators

We offer a free, weekly session on our YouTube channel which is available for 12 hours.


Each session follows a clear and familiar structure of:

  • Welcome song 

  • Hello song

  • Exploration of a song

  • Shake break

  • Sound journey (based on theories of sound healing and sound therapy)

  • Goodbye song

Want to try a session? Explore 'You Can't Hurry Love' by The Supremes for free!

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If you want continuous access to our entire catalogue of one year's sessions you can subscribe to our Ko-fi for £20 a month - that's £5 a week!

We deliver 52 weeks of the year so will be there for you in and out of school holidays.

Subscription will also give you a free place on our Music & Wellbeing sessions! Just email us to reserve your place.

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